Filming Dos Luwas

The film was titled Dos Luwas. It is a requirement and served as our examination. The film was all about friendship, love, a test of time,Β ‘horror-ish’Β and a slice of Β comedy in some parts.

Now, what is my role in the film?

Well, to tell you. I was the investigator. Uh-huh you read it and got it right πŸ˜‰ It seems like it’s way far from my personality and attitude but it’s only in the film you know hahaha The role was quite challenging for me. Since, I have no idea on how to act like a real investigator. But it was good and I think I did well and portray my role properly.

Filming this was really a great experience. Why? because it has helped each of us the value of sacrifice, friendship and procrastination as well. Yep, procrastination.. because we are all busy and has individual task or work to accomplish but still we were able to finish shooting the film. We filmed this at Panaon, Misamis Occidental. The place was really relaxing because of the overlooking view of the sea. Also, there are parts to which is a good spot for photography.

My overall experience was really great! I’ll surely keep this wonderful experience for life.

Big thanks to sir Levie Engcoy! Hi Sir!

Hidden Haven 🌴


🏊 PANAON IS A HIDDEN GEM in Misamis Occidental

Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  It has a lot of unseen beautiful beaches and this one is just one a hundreds







Gone cold πŸ’”


Things are never getting any better.

Nothing seems Β to be worthwhile anymore.

“I lied. I’ll never be fine.”




Empty… since that fateful day. Now I’ve been keeping up not knowing what to do or where to go. Tears fell from time to time. These unexplained emotions are consuming my flesh. WHY? Why does it have to end that way? Was it that simple to let it all go? What will I do now?


and this song perfectly fits my current situation.

A vision of what used to be
The laughter, the sorrow
Pictures in time
Fading to memories.

Sometimes you only get one chance. Sad truth but despite all these, I have to keep up and be strong. Hoping and praying everything will turn out as what it used to be.

Best days in awhile

Have you ever had that feeling of unexpected roll of random moments, situations, happenings and whatsoever that is way better than the planned ones? Such an amazing feeling right? You could feel genuine happiness the whole time most especially if you’re with that someone. Yeah, IΒ know you got my point and yes that “special one”

April 25, 2017

This was the very day that I experienced genuine happiness in awhile and it happened to be one of the best days in my 20 years of existence. As you can see in the photo above, it’s just a mere biking, strolling around Clarin’s viscinity but mind you those simple things turned out to be the best part in life. Nothing beats simple unexpected pleasures. What could you ask for more?

To SEA you

We were in desperate need of an adventure that time so we decided to visit the most talked about beach located in Plaridel Misamis Occidental. It was quite a real time adventure since me and k didn’t know where the exact location is. It took quite longer period of time in travelling since we asked local people some whereabouts, we bought food and had to transfer from one transportation to another.

let’s skip the long narrative details about how we deal with the little struggles upon travelling to the destination hehehe πŸ™‚


Tadaaaaaa! Took a selfie upon arriving at the bridge which leads the way to the said island